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Appearances - Joel Andersson

11/8/201860-0 v AstanaFC Midtjylland 0-0 AstanaUEFA Champions League Second Qualifying Round
29/8/201862-0 v The New Saints FCThe New Saints FC 0-2 FC MidtjyllandEuropa League Third Qualifying Round
316/8/201863-1 v The New Saints FCFC Midtjylland 3-1 The New Saints FCEuropa League Third Qualifying Round
423/8/201862-2 v Malmö FFMalmö FF 2-2 FC MidtjyllandEuropa League Qualifying Play-off Round
530/8/201860-2 v Malmö FFFC Midtjylland 0-2 Malmö FFEuropa League Qualifying Play-off Round