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BetVictor Northern North West Division – Fixtures and Results – November 2019

Fixtures/Results, November, 2019-2020

Saturday 2nd November 2019
3pmBrighouse TownvColne
3pmMarske UnitedvRuncorn Linnets
3pmMossleyvPrescot Cables
3pmOssett UnitedvKendal Town
3pmPickering TownvCity of Liverpool
3pmPontefract CollieriesvTrafford
3pmRamsbottom UnitedvMarine
3pmWorkington AFCvTadcaster Albion
Saturday 9th November 2019
3pmCity of LiverpoolvClitheroe
3pmColnevMarske United
3pmKendal TownvBrighouse Town
3pmMarinevPontefract Collieries
3pmPrescot CablesvRamsbottom United
3pmRuncorn LinnetsvPickering Town
3pmTadcaster AlbionvMossley
3pmTraffordvOssett United
3pmWidnesvWorkington AFC
Saturday 16th November 2019
3pmBrighouse TownvTrafford
3pmClitheroevTadcaster Albion
3pmDunstonvCity of Liverpool
3pmMarske UnitedvKendal Town
3pmOssett UnitedvDroylsden
3pmPickering TownvWidnes
3pmPontefract CollieriesvPrescot Cables
3pmRamsbottom UnitedvRuncorn Linnets
3pmWorkington AFCvMarine
Saturday 23rd November 2019
3pmBrighouse TownvMossley
3pmCity of LiverpoolvWidnes
3pmColnevTadcaster Albion
3pmDroylsdenvWorkington AFC
3pmDunstonvRamsbottom United
3pmKendal TownvPontefract Collieries
3pmMarske UnitedvClitheroe
3pmOssett UnitedvPrescot Cables
3pmRuncorn LinnetsvMarine
3pmTraffordvPickering Town
Saturday 30th November 2019
3pmClitheroevOssett United
3pmMarinevKendal Town
3pmPickering TownvDunston
3pmPontefract CollieriesvCity of Liverpool
3pmPrescot CablesvColne
3pmRamsbottom UnitedvMarske United
3pmTadcaster AlbionvDroylsden
3pmWidnesvRuncorn Linnets
3pmWorkington AFCvBrighouse Town
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