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BetVictor Northern South East Division – Fixtures and Results – November 2019

Fixtures/Results, November, 2019-2020

Saturday 2nd November 2019
3pmBelper TownvNewcastle Town
3pmCleethorpes TownvStocksbridge Park Steels
3pmGlossop North EndvCarlton Town
3pmIlkestonvLoughborough Dynamo
3pmKidsgrove AthleticvFrickley Athletic
3pmLeek TownvLincoln United
3pmMarket Drayton TownvWisbech Town
3pmSpalding UnitedvStamford
3pmSutton Coldfield TownvSheffield
3pmWorksop TownvChasetown
Saturday 9th November 2019
3pmCarlton TownvMarket Drayton Town
3pmChasetownvLeek Town
3pmFrickley AthleticvCleethorpes Town
3pmLincoln UnitedvIlkeston
3pmLoughborough DynamovKidsgrove Athletic
3pmNewcastle TownvSpalding United
3pmSheffieldvGlossop North End
3pmStamfordvSutton Coldfield Town
3pmStocksbridge Park SteelsvWorksop Town
3pmWisbech TownvBelper Town
Saturday 16th November 2019
3pmBelper TownvLincoln United
3pmCleethorpes TownvCarlton Town
3pmGlossop North EndvChasetown
3pmIlkestonvStocksbridge Park Steels
3pmKidsgrove AthleticvWisbech Town
3pmLeek TownvLoughborough Dynamo
3pmMarket Drayton TownvStamford
3pmSpalding UnitedvSheffield
3pmSutton Coldfield TownvFrickley Athletic
3pmWorksop TownvNewcastle Town
Saturday 23rd November 2019
3pmChasetownvLincoln United
3pmCleethorpes TownvKidsgrove Athletic
3pmFrickley AthleticvSpalding United
3pmGlossop North EndvMarket Drayton Town
3pmLeek TownvStamford
3pmLoughborough DynamovBelper Town
3pmNewcastle TownvSutton Coldfield Town
3pmStocksbridge Park SteelsvCarlton Town
3pmWisbech TownvSheffield
Saturday 30th November 2019
3pmBelper TownvLeek Town
3pmCarlton TownvLoughborough Dynamo
3pmKidsgrove AthleticvIlkeston
3pmLincoln UnitedvFrickley Athletic
3pmMarket Drayton TownvStocksbridge Park Steels
3pmSpalding UnitedvGlossop North End
3pmStamfordvNewcastle Town
3pmSutton Coldfield TownvWisbech Town
3pmWorksop TownvCleethorpes Town
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