Evo-Stik South East

Fixtures and Results

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Monday 2nd April 2018
FTAylesbury United72Thame United161
FTChalfont St Peter(0)20(0)Northwood101
 Haule (50'), Haugh (53')  
FTHayes & Yeading United22Hanwell Town272
Wednesday 4th April 2018
FTCambridge City(0)11(1)Kempston Rovers111
 Sharman (46') Newman (29') 
Saturday 7th April 2018
FTAshford Town (Middx)(1)11(1)Chalfont St Peter87
 Weight (22') Stead (36' pen) 
FTAylesbury United10Hayes & Yeading United179
FTBarton Rovers10Fleet Town72
FTBeaconsfield Town70Arlesey Town76
FTBedford Town(0)32(0)Marlow207
 Woods-Garness (51', 73'), Benson (75') Bossman (66'), Hull (72' og) 
FTCambridge City41Hartley Wintney208
FTEgham Town00AFC Dunstable59
FTHanwell Town33Moneyfields73
FTKempston Rovers(1)20(0)Aylesbury89
 Jenkins (19' og), Goodman (62')  
FTNorthwood11AFC Rushden & Diamonds307
FTUxbridge15Thame United66
Tuesday 10th April 2018
FTAFC Rushden & Diamonds(0)00(0)Bedford Town469
FTHartley Wintney20Thame United117
FTMarlow12Fleet Town74
Thursday 12th April 2018
FTHanwell Town15Beaconsfield Town121
Saturday 14th April 2018
FTAFC Dunstable22Cambridge City204
FTAFC Rushden & Diamonds41Aylesbury United626
FTArlesey Town23Hanwell Town88
FTChalfont St Peter(0)11(0)Kempston Rovers61
 Fenton (90') Crawley (81') 
FTFleet Town10Northwood123
FTHartley Wintney40Uxbridge154
FTHayes & Yeading United61Egham Town201
FTMoneyfields24Beaconsfield Town130
FTThame United52Barton Rovers71
Monday 16th April 2018
FTCambridge City30Hanwell Town152
Tuesday 17th April 2018
FTAFC Rushden & Diamonds10AFC Dunstable452
FTArlesey Town02Aylesbury49
FTAshford Town (Middx)11Thame United73
FTBarton Rovers(1)22(1)Kempston Rovers95
 Gyasi (37'), Walker (52') Newman (14'), Sundire (73') 
FTChalfont St Peter(0)11(1)Marlow55
 Kirby (90') English (45') 
FTEgham Town12Moneyfields61
Wednesday 18th April 2018
FTNorthwood23Cambridge City108
Thursday 19th April 2018
FTAFC Dunstable10Barton Rovers92
FTAylesbury13Beaconsfield Town57
FTHanwell Town(0)05(2)Bedford Town87
  Manu (2'), Woods-Garness (13'), Roache (50'), Olukamni (77'), Donnelly (88') 
FTHartley Wintney20Fleet Town214
FTMoneyfields10Arlesey Town51
Saturday 21st April 2018
FTAshford Town (Middx)01Hartley Wintney143
FTAylesbury United12Chalfont St Peter112
FTBarton Rovers31Aylesbury92
FTBeaconsfield Town01Hayes & Yeading United261
FTBedford Town(0)02(0)AFC Dunstable212
  Unknown (82', 87' pen) 
FTCambridge City01AFC Rushden & Diamonds486
FTEgham Town30Fleet Town71
FTHanwell Town00Marlow103
FTKempston Rovers(4)50(0)Arlesey Town91
 Stratton (10', 36'), Newman (31', 39'), Ivy (83')  
FTNorthwood13Thame United121
Monday 23rd April 2018
FTCambridge City01Barton Rovers143
Tuesday 24th April 2018
FTAFC Rushden & Diamonds71Aylesbury546
FTBeaconsfield Town40AFC Dunstable92
FTEgham Town12Arlesey Town71
FTKempston Rovers(1)10(0)Hartley Wintney74
 Newman (31')  
FTMoneyfields20Ashford Town (Middx)84
FTNorthwood20Hanwell Town85
Wednesday 25th April 2018
FTCambridge City(0)00(0)Chalfont St Peter114
Thursday 26th April 2018
FTAylesbury(0)04(3)Bedford Town81
  Hartley (12'), Moli (39'), Woods-Garness (44'), Donnelly (71') 
FTBarton Rovers12Moneyfields152
FTEgham Town15Beaconsfield Town101
FTHanwell Town13Aylesbury United97
FTMarlow11Ashford Town (Middx)71
FTThame United71Arlesey Town60
Saturday 28th April 2018
FTAFC Dunstable61Hanwell Town83
FTAFC Rushden & Diamonds10Ashford Town (Middx)978
FTArlesey Town02Uxbridge110
FTBedford Town(0)20(0)Fleet Town301
 Woods-Garness (48'), Benson (74')  
FTChalfont St Peter(1)30(0)Egham Town61
 Hastings (35'), Osobu (77' pen), Paine (78')  
FTHartley Wintney34Aylesbury United231
FTHayes & Yeading United50Barton Rovers323
FTMarlow01Beaconsfield Town177
FTMoneyfields11Cambridge City158
FTThame United(0)13(2)Kempston Rovers83
 McGowan (66') Newman (4' pen), Acquaye (24'), Crawley (85')