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Head to Head – Aston Villa v Manchester United

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Sun 11 Feb 2024Premier LeagueAston Villa(0)12(1)Manchester United42,185
Tue 26 Dec 2023Premier LeagueManchester United(0)32(2)Aston Villa73,574
Sun 30 Apr 2023Premier LeagueManchester United(1)10(0)Aston Villa73,592
Thu 10 Nov 2022Carabao Cup 3Manchester United(0)42(0)Aston Villa72,512
Sun 6 Nov 2022Premier LeagueAston Villa(2)31(1)Manchester United42,058
Sat 15 Jan 2022Premier LeagueAston Villa(0)22(1)Manchester United41,968
Mon 10 Jan 2022FA Cup 3Manchester United(1)10(0)Aston Villa72,911
Sat 25 Sep 2021Premier LeagueManchester United(0)01(0)Aston Villa72,922
Sun 9 May 2021Premier LeagueAston Villa(1)13(0)Manchester United 
Fri 1 Jan 2021Premier LeagueManchester United(1)21(0)Aston Villa 
Thu 9 Jul 2020Premier LeagueAston Villa(0)03(2)Manchester United 
Sun 1 Dec 2019Premier LeagueManchester United(1)22(1)Aston Villa73,381
Sat 16 Apr 2016Premier LeagueManchester United(1)10(0)Aston Villa75,411
Fri 14 Aug 2015Premier LeagueAston Villa(0)01(1)Manchester United42,200
Sat 4 Apr 2015Premier LeagueManchester United(1)31(0)Aston Villa75,397
Sat 20 Dec 2014Premier LeagueAston Villa(1)11(0)Manchester United41,273
Sat 29 Mar 2014Premier LeagueManchester United(2)41(1)Aston Villa75,368
Sun 15 Dec 2013Premier LeagueAston Villa(0)03(2)Manchester United42,682
Mon 22 Apr 2013Premier LeagueManchester United(3)30(0)Aston Villa75,591
Sat 10 Nov 2012Premier LeagueAston Villa(1)23(0)Manchester United40,538
Sun 15 Apr 2012Premier LeagueManchester United40Aston Villa75,138
Sat 3 Dec 2011Premier LeagueAston Villa01Manchester United40,053
Tue 1 Feb 2011Premier LeagueManchester United31Aston Villa75,256
Sat 13 Nov 2010Premier LeagueAston Villa22Manchester United40,073
Sun 28 Feb 2010Capital One Cup FManchester United21Aston Villa88,596

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