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Head to Head – Carlisle United v Northampton Town

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Sat 6 Apr 2024League OneNorthampton Town(1)20(0)Carlisle United6,328
Sat 16 Dec 2023League OneCarlisle United(0)22(1)Northampton Town6,744
Sat 15 Apr 2023League TwoCarlisle United(0)00(0)Northampton Town8,292
Tue 20 Dec 2022League TwoNorthampton Town(0)21(0)Carlisle United4,583
Sat 12 Mar 2022League TwoCarlisle United(0)21(0)Northampton Town8,514
Sat 30 Oct 2021League TwoNorthampton Town(1)30(0)Carlisle United4,909
Tue 22 Oct 2019League TwoCarlisle United(0)02(0)Northampton Town3,324
Sat 12 Jan 2019League TwoNorthampton Town(0)30(0)Carlisle United4,875
Sat 11 Aug 2018League TwoCarlisle United(1)22(1)Northampton Town4,521
Sat 5 Mar 2016League TwoCarlisle United(0)14(2)Northampton Town4,892
Tue 20 Oct 2015League TwoNorthampton Town(1)32(1)Carlisle United3,642
Tue 17 Mar 2015League TwoNorthampton Town(0)02(0)Carlisle United3,682
Sat 20 Dec 2014League TwoCarlisle United(1)21(1)Northampton Town4,421
Sat 28 Mar 2009League OneCarlisle United11Northampton Town5,254
Sat 20 Dec 2008League OneNorthampton Town10Carlisle United4,673
Mon 24 Mar 2008League OneCarlisle United20Northampton Town9,038
Sat 8 Dec 2007League OneNorthampton Town22Carlisle United4,908
Sat 13 Jan 2007League OneNorthampton Town32Carlisle United5,549
Sat 9 Sep 2006League OneCarlisle United11Northampton Town7,602
Fri 10 Mar 2006League TwoNorthampton Town03Carlisle United7,045
Sat 27 Aug 2005League TwoCarlisle United01Northampton Town5,730
Tue 16 Mar 2004Third DivisionCarlisle United11Northampton Town6,269
Tue 16 Sep 2003Third DivisionNorthampton Town20Carlisle United4,156
Tue 11 Apr 2000Third DivisionCarlisle United01Northampton Town 
Sat 4 Sep 1999Third DivisionNorthampton Town00Carlisle United 

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