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Head to Head – Clyde v Peterhead

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Sat 30 Mar 2024Scottish League TwoPeterhead(2)41(0)Clyde691
Sat 3 Feb 2024Scottish League TwoClyde(1)11(0)Peterhead559
Sat 16 Dec 2023Scottish League TwoPeterhead(2)21(0)Clyde642
Sat 19 Aug 2023Scottish League TwoClyde(1)12(2)Peterhead523
Sat 22 Apr 2023Scottish League OnePeterhead(1)11(0)Clyde743
Sat 18 Feb 2023Scottish League OneClyde(0)10(0)Peterhead685
Sat 21 Jan 2023Scottish League OnePeterhead(0)10(0)Clyde667
Sat 6 Aug 2022Scottish League OneClyde(2)22(2)Peterhead531
Sat 2 Apr 2022Scottish League OneClyde(0)03(1)Peterhead597
Sat 15 Jan 2022Scottish League OnePeterhead(0)11(1)Clyde497
Sat 4 Dec 2021Scottish League OneClyde(1)22(2)Peterhead483
Sat 11 Sep 2021Scottish League OnePeterhead(3)32(2)Clyde488
Sat 24 Apr 2021Scottish League OnePeterhead(0)30(0)Clyde 
Tue 30 Mar 2021Scottish League OnePeterhead(0)02(0)Clyde 
Sat 31 Oct 2020Scottish League OneClyde(0)02(0)Peterhead 
Sat 28 Dec 2019Scottish League OnePeterhead(1)20(0)Clyde585
Sat 9 Nov 2019Scottish League OneClyde(0)12(2)Peterhead649
Sat 21 Sep 2019Scottish League OnePeterhead(1)11(1)Clyde682
Sat 6 Apr 2019Scottish League TwoClyde(0)33(2)Peterhead813
Sat 5 Jan 2019Scottish League TwoPeterhead(1)12(0)Clyde754
Sat 27 Oct 2018Scottish League TwoClyde(0)13(1)Peterhead524
Sat 18 Aug 2018Scottish League TwoPeterhead(0)10(0)Clyde671
Sat 31 Mar 2018Scottish League TwoPeterhead(1)30(0)Clyde724
Tue 27 Feb 2018Scottish League TwoPeterhead(2)21(0)Clyde394
Sat 27 Jan 2018Scottish League TwoClyde(0)10(0)Peterhead449

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