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Head to Head – Walsall v Bradford City

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Sat 20 Apr 2024League TwoWalsall(2)23(2)Bradford City6,656
Sat 30 Sep 2023League TwoBradford City(1)13(2)Walsall17,038
Tue 7 Mar 2023League TwoWalsall(0)00(0)Bradford City4,951
Sat 3 Sep 2022League TwoBradford City(2)21(0)Walsall16,433
Tue 25 Jan 2022League TwoWalsall(0)12(1)Bradford City4,097
Sat 4 Sep 2021League TwoBradford City(1)11(1)Walsall15,822
Sat 27 Feb 2021League TwoWalsall(0)12(1)Bradford City 
Tue 20 Oct 2020League TwoBradford City(0)11(1)Walsall 
Sat 14 Sep 2019League TwoWalsall(0)01(0)Bradford City4,649
Sat 23 Feb 2019League OneWalsall(1)32(1)Bradford City5,503
Sat 15 Dec 2018League OneBradford City(1)40(0)Walsall15,314
Tue 1 May 2018League OneBradford City(1)11(1)Walsall18,976
Sat 26 Aug 2017League OneWalsall(0)33(2)Bradford City4,817
Sat 1 Apr 2017League OneBradford City(0)10(0)Walsall17,880
Sat 17 Dec 2016League OneWalsall(0)11(0)Bradford City5,148
Sat 23 Apr 2016League OneBradford City(0)40(0)Walsall19,336
Sat 28 Nov 2015League OneWalsall(1)21(0)Bradford City4,668
Sat 21 Feb 2015League OneBradford City(0)11(0)Walsall13,534
Sat 16 Aug 2014League OneWalsall(0)00(0)Bradford City4,520
Tue 25 Mar 2014League OneBradford City(0)02(0)Walsall12,165
Sat 5 Oct 2013League OneWalsall(0)02(1)Bradford City5,364
Sat 25 Mar 2006League OneWalsall22Bradford City4,678
Wed 28 Dec 2005League OneBradford City20Walsall6,745
Sat 26 Feb 2005League OneWalsall11Bradford City4,966
Sat 11 Dec 2004League OneBradford City11Walsall6,732

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