BetVictor Northern Premier Division

Fixtures and Results

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Saturday 17th August 2019
3pmAshton UnitedvAtherton Collieries
3pmGrantham TownvFC United of Manchester
3pmHyde UnitedvBasford United
3pmLancaster CityvStafford Rangers
3pmMatlock TownvBamber Bridge
3pmMickleover SportsvStalybridge Celtic
3pmNantwich TownvGainsborough Trinity
3pmRadcliffevSouth Shields
3pmScarborough AthleticvBuxton
3pmWarrington TownvMorpeth Town
3pmWhitby TownvWitton Albion
Monday 19th August 2019
7.45pmBasford UnitedvMatlock Town
Tuesday 20th August 2019
7.45pmAtherton CollieriesvWarrington Town
7.45pmBamber BridgevRadcliffe
7.45pmBuxtonvNantwich Town
7.45pmFC United of ManchestervHyde United
7.45pmGainsborough TrinityvWhitby Town
7.45pmMorpeth TownvLancaster City
7.45pmSouth ShieldsvAshton United
7.45pmStafford RangersvGrantham Town
7.45pmStalybridge CelticvScarborough Athletic
7.45pmWitton AlbionvMickleover Sports
Saturday 24th August 2019
3pmAtherton CollieriesvGrantham Town
3pmBamber BridgevAshton United
3pmBasford UnitedvLancaster City
3pmBuxtonvWhitby Town
3pmFC United of ManchestervScarborough Athletic
3pmGainsborough TrinityvWarrington Town
3pmMorpeth TownvMickleover Sports
3pmSouth ShieldsvHyde United
3pmStafford RangersvMatlock Town
3pmStalybridge CelticvNantwich Town
3pmWitton AlbionvRadcliffe
Monday 26th August 2019
3pmAshton UnitedvStalybridge Celtic
3pmGrantham TownvBasford United
3pmHyde UnitedvBuxton
3pmLancaster CityvAtherton Collieries
3pmMatlock TownvGainsborough Trinity
3pmMickleover SportsvStafford Rangers
3pmNantwich TownvWitton Albion
3pmRadcliffevFC United of Manchester
3pmScarborough AthleticvSouth Shields
3pmWarrington TownvBamber Bridge
3pmWhitby TownvMorpeth Town
Saturday 31st August 2019
3pmAshton UnitedvMatlock Town
3pmAtherton CollieriesvNantwich Town
3pmBasford UnitedvRadcliffe
3pmBuxtonvStalybridge Celtic
3pmFC United of ManchestervMorpeth Town
3pmGainsborough TrinityvLancaster City
3pmGrantham TownvWhitby Town
3pmHyde UnitedvStafford Rangers
3pmScarborough AthleticvWitton Albion
3pmSouth ShieldsvBamber Bridge
3pmWarrington TownvMickleover Sports