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Northern Premier League - Premier Division – Fixtures and Results – August 2021

Fixtures/Results, August, 2021-2022

Saturday 14th August 2021
3pmAshton UnitedvMatlock Town
3pmBasford UnitedvScarborough Athletic
3pmBuxtonvBamber Bridge
3pmGainsborough TrinityvWitton Albion
3pmHyde UnitedvAtherton Collieries
3pmLancaster CityvWhitby Town
3pmNantwich TownvStalybridge Celtic
3pmRadcliffevGrantham Town
3pmSouth ShieldsvMickleover
3pmStafford RangersvMorpeth Town
3pmWarrington TownvFC United of Manchester
Tuesday 17th August 2021
7.45pmAtherton CollieriesvNantwich Town
7.45pmBamber BridgevHyde United
7.45pmFC United of ManchestervMorpeth Town
7.45pmGrantham TownvBuxton
7.45pmMatlock TownvBasford United
7.45pmMickleovervGainsborough Trinity
7.45pmScarborough AthleticvAshton United
7.45pmStafford RangersvWarrington Town
7.45pmStalybridge CelticvSouth Shields
7.45pmWhitby TownvRadcliffe
7.45pmWitton AlbionvLancaster City
Saturday 21st August 2021
3pmAtherton CollieriesvBasford United
3pmBamber BridgevGainsborough Trinity
3pmFC United of ManchestervBuxton
3pmGrantham TownvLancaster City
3pmMatlock TownvHyde United
3pmMickleovervAshton United
3pmScarborough AthleticvWarrington Town
3pmStafford RangersvRadcliffe
3pmStalybridge CelticvMorpeth Town
3pmWhitby TownvNantwich Town
3pmWitton AlbionvSouth Shields
Tuesday 24th August 2021
7.45pmAshton UnitedvWhitby Town
7.45pmBasford UnitedvStafford Rangers
7.45pmGainsborough TrinityvScarborough Athletic
7.45pmHyde UnitedvGrantham Town
7.45pmLancaster CityvStalybridge Celtic
7.45pmMorpeth TownvBamber Bridge
7.45pmNantwich TownvMatlock Town
7.45pmRadcliffevWitton Albion
7.45pmSouth ShieldsvFC United of Manchester
7.45pmWarrington TownvAtherton Collieries
Saturday 28th August 2021
3pmAshton UnitedvStafford Rangers
3pmBasford UnitedvWitton Albion
3pmBuxtonvStalybridge Celtic
3pmGainsborough TrinityvWhitby Town
3pmHyde UnitedvFC United of Manchester
3pmLancaster CityvMickleover
3pmMorpeth TownvAtherton Collieries
3pmNantwich TownvBamber Bridge
3pmRadcliffevScarborough Athletic
3pmSouth ShieldsvGrantham Town
3pmWarrington TownvMatlock Town
Monday 30th August 2021
3pmAtherton CollieriesvLancaster City
3pmBamber BridgevWarrington Town
3pmFC United of ManchestervRadcliffe
3pmGrantham TownvBasford United
3pmMatlock TownvGainsborough Trinity
3pmMickleovervHyde United
3pmScarborough AthleticvSouth Shields
3pmStafford RangersvBuxton
3pmStalybridge CelticvAshton United
3pmWhitby TownvMorpeth Town
3pmWitton AlbionvNantwich Town