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Real Madrid – Appearances – Rodrygo

Appearances, 2023-2024

1Sat 12 Aug112-0 v Athletic BilbaoAthletic Bilbao 0-2 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
2Sat 19 Aug113-1 v AlmeríaAlmería 1-3 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
3Fri 25 Aug111-0 v Celta VigoCelta Vigo 0-1 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
4Sat 2 Sep112-1 v GetafeReal Madrid 2-1 GetafeSpanish La Liga
5Sun 17 Sep112-1 v Real SociedadReal Madrid 2-1 Real SociedadSpanish La Liga
6Wed 20 Sep111-0 v 1 FC Union BerlinReal Madrid 1-0 1 FC Union BerlinUEFA Champions League Group C
7Sun 24 Sep111-3 v Atlético MadridAtlético Madrid 3-1 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
8Wed 27 Sep112-0 v Las PalmasReal Madrid 2-0 Las PalmasSpanish La Liga
9Sat 30 Sep113-0 v GironaGirona 0-3 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
10Tue 3 Oct113-2 v NapoliNapoli 2-3 Real MadridUEFA Champions League Group C
11Sat 7 Oct114-0 v OsasunaReal Madrid 4-0 OsasunaSpanish La Liga
12Sat 21 Oct111-1 v SevillaSevilla 1-1 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
13Tue 24 Oct112-1 v Sporting BragaSporting Braga 1-2 Real MadridUEFA Champions League Group C
14Sat 28 Oct112-1 v BarcelonaBarcelona 1-2 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
15Sun 5 Nov110-0 v Rayo VallecanoReal Madrid 0-0 Rayo VallecanoSpanish La Liga
16Wed 8 Nov113-0 v Sporting BragaReal Madrid 3-0 Sporting BragaUEFA Champions League Group C
17Sat 11 Nov115-1 v ValenciaReal Madrid 5-1 ValenciaSpanish La Liga
18Wed 29 Nov114-2 v NapoliReal Madrid 4-2 NapoliUEFA Champions League Group C
19Sat 2 Dec112-0 v GranadaReal Madrid 2-0 GranadaSpanish La Liga
20Sat 9 Dec111-1 v Real BetisReal Betis 1-1 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
21Tue 12 Dec113-2 v 1 FC Union Berlin1 FC Union Berlin 2-3 Real MadridUEFA Champions League Group C
22Sun 17 Dec114-1 v VillarrealReal Madrid 4-1 VillarrealSpanish La Liga
23Thu 21 Dec111-0 v AlavésAlavés 0-1 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
24Wed 3 Jan11 1-0 v MallorcaReal Madrid 1-0 MallorcaSpanish La Liga
25Sun 21 Jan113-2 v AlmeríaReal Madrid 3-2 AlmeríaSpanish La Liga
26Sat 27 Jan11 2-1 v Las PalmasLas Palmas 1-2 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
27Thu 1 Feb112-0 v GetafeGetafe 0-2 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
28Sun 4 Feb111-1 v Atlético MadridReal Madrid 1-1 Atlético MadridSpanish La Liga
29Sat 10 Feb114-0 v GironaReal Madrid 4-0 GironaSpanish La Liga
30Tue 13 Feb111-0 v RB LeipzigRB Leipzig 0-1 Real MadridUEFA Champions League Round of 16
31Sun 18 Feb111-1 v Rayo VallecanoRayo Vallecano 1-1 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
32Sun 25 Feb111-0 v SevillaReal Madrid 1-0 SevillaSpanish La Liga
33Sat 2 Mar112-2 v ValenciaValencia 2-2 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
34Wed 6 Mar111-1 v RB LeipzigReal Madrid 1-1 RB LeipzigUEFA Champions League Round of 16
35Sun 10 Mar114-0 v Celta VigoReal Madrid 4-0 Celta VigoSpanish La Liga
36Sat 16 Mar114-2 v OsasunaOsasuna 2-4 Real MadridSpanish La Liga
37Sun 31 Mar112-0 v Athletic BilbaoReal Madrid 2-0 Athletic BilbaoSpanish La Liga
38Tue 9 Apr113-3 v Manchester CityReal Madrid 3-3 Manchester CityUEFA Champions League Quarter Final
39Wed 17 Apr111-1 v Manchester CityManchester City 1-1 Real MadridUEFA Champions League Quarter Final
40Sun 21 Apr113-2 v BarcelonaReal Madrid 3-2 BarcelonaSpanish La Liga
41Tue 30 Apr112-2 v Bayern MunichBayern Munich 2-2 Real MadridUEFA Champions League Semi Final
42Wed 8 May112-1 v Bayern MunichReal Madrid 2-1 Bayern MunichUEFA Champions League Semi Final
43Tue 14 May115-0 v AlavésReal Madrid 5-0 AlavésSpanish La Liga