Evo-Stik Southern Division One Central

Fixtures and Results

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Tuesday 1st January 2019
FTAFC Dunstable(1)31(0)Bedford Town141
 Burnett (4'), Christie (53', 86') Osei (82') 
FTAylesbury United20Aylesbury232
FTBerkhamsted02Barton Rovers166
FTCambridge City13Peterborough Sports227
FTColeshill Town30Bromsgrove Sporting516
FTKidlington01Thame United87
FTNorth Leigh(1)31(0)Kempston Rovers71
 Grant (33'), James (90'), Seacole (93') Crawley (48') 
FTSutton Coldfield Town33Didcot Town156
FTWelwyn Garden City01Dunstable Town141
FTYaxley04Corby Town180
Saturday 5th January 2019
FTAylesbury00Welwyn Garden City111
FTBarton Rovers11Aylesbury United105
FTBedford Town(0)11(1)Coleshill Town252
 Osei (58') Unknown (3') 
FTBromsgrove Sporting33Berkhamsted813
FTCorby Town31Kidlington341
FTDidcot Town20AFC Dunstable125
FTDunstable Town01Sutton Coldfield Town84
FTKempston Rovers(2)22(2)Yaxley101
 Clifton (19'), Bush (23') Sturgess (21'), Cotton (44' pen) 
FTPeterborough Sports51North Leigh166
FTThame United10Cambridge City78
Tuesday 8th January 2019
FTNorth Leigh31Aylesbury59
Saturday 12th January 2019
FTAFC Dunstable43Aylesbury82
FTAylesbury United14Didcot Town129
FTBerkhamsted30Dunstable Town154
FTCambridge City00Barton Rovers194
FTColeshill Town(0)12(1)Kempston Rovers96
 Nadat (52') McLeod (2' pen), Green (66' og) 
FTKidlington04Bromsgrove Sporting145
FTNorth Leigh12Thame United82
FTSutton Coldfield Town44Corby Town183
Tuesday 15th January 2019
FTBedford Town(1)10(0)Aylesbury181
 Akinsanya (33')  
FTBromsgrove Sporting(1)31(0)Didcot Town658
 Cowley (36', 93'), Jones (62') McNish (91') 
FTWelwyn Garden City11Sutton Coldfield Town138
Saturday 19th January 2019
FTAylesbury(0)14(1)Corby Town118
FTBarton Rovers(0)03(2)Kempston Rovers89
  Hyde (29' og), Tshikuna (40', 69') 
FTBedford Town(1)13(1)Peterborough Sports274
 Donnelly (14') Freestone (39' og), Hillard (54' pen), Unknown (94') 
FTColeshill Town(1)12(1)AFC Dunstable89
FTDunstable Town(1)32(1)Bromsgrove Sporting159
FTNorth Leigh(0)11(0)Berkhamsted60
FTSutton Coldfield Town(1)42(1)Kidlington117
FTThame United(0)01(1)Didcot Town129
  Murphy (9') 
FTWelwyn Garden City(0)00(0)Aylesbury United152
FTYaxley(0)04(3)Cambridge City 
Tuesday 22nd January 2019
7.45pmWelwyn Garden CityvCorby Town
Saturday 26th January 2019
3pmAFC DunstablevNorth Leigh
3pmAylesbury UnitedvYaxley
3pmBerkhamstedvWelwyn Garden City
3pmBromsgrove SportingvThame United
3pmCambridge CityvDunstable Town
3pmCorby TownvBedford Town
3pmDidcot TownvBarton Rovers
3pmKempston RoversvSutton Coldfield Town
3pmPeterborough SportsvColeshill Town
Tuesday 29th January 2019
7.45pmBedford TownvBerkhamsted