Evo-Stik Southern Division One Central

Fixtures and Results

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Tuesday 1st January 2019
3pmAFC DunstablevBedford Town
3pmAylesbury UnitedvAylesbury
3pmBerkhamsted TownvBarton Rovers
3pmCambridge CityvPeterborough Sports
3pmColeshill TownvBromsgrove Sporting
3pmKidlingtonvThame United
3pmNorth LeighvKempston Rovers
3pmSutton Coldfield TownvDidcot Town
3pmWelwyn Garden CityvDunstable Town
3pmYaxleyvCorby Town
Saturday 5th January 2019
3pmAylesburyvWelwyn Garden City
3pmBarton RoversvAylesbury United
3pmBedford TownvColeshill Town
3pmBromsgrove SportingvBerkhamsted Town
3pmCorby TownvKidlington
3pmDidcot TownvAFC Dunstable
3pmDunstable TownvSutton Coldfield Town
3pmKempston RoversvYaxley
3pmPeterborough SportsvNorth Leigh
3pmThame UnitedvCambridge City
Saturday 12th January 2019
3pmAFC DunstablevAylesbury
3pmAylesbury UnitedvDidcot Town
3pmBerkhamsted TownvDunstable Town
3pmCambridge CityvBarton Rovers
3pmColeshill TownvKempston Rovers
3pmKidlingtonvBromsgrove Sporting
3pmNorth LeighvThame United
3pmSutton Coldfield TownvCorby Town
3pmWelwyn Garden CityvPeterborough Sports
3pmYaxleyvBedford Town
Saturday 19th January 2019
3pmAylesburyvCorby Town
3pmBarton RoversvKempston Rovers
3pmBedford TownvPeterborough Sports
3pmColeshill TownvAFC Dunstable
3pmDunstable TownvBromsgrove Sporting
3pmNorth LeighvBerkhamsted Town
3pmSutton Coldfield TownvKidlington
3pmThame UnitedvDidcot Town
3pmWelwyn Garden CityvAylesbury United
3pmYaxleyvCambridge City
Saturday 26th January 2019
3pmAFC DunstablevNorth Leigh
3pmAylesbury UnitedvYaxley
3pmBerkhamsted TownvWelwyn Garden City
3pmBromsgrove SportingvThame United
3pmCambridge CityvDunstable Town
3pmCorby TownvBedford Town
3pmDidcot TownvBarton Rovers
3pmKempston RoversvSutton Coldfield Town
3pmPeterborough SportsvColeshill Town