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BetVictor Southern South Division – Fixtures and Results – February 2020

Fixtures/Results, February, 2019-2020

Saturday 1st February 2020
3pmFrome TownvAFC Totton
3pmHighworth TownvBasingstoke Town
3pmMangotsfield UnitedvEvesham United
3pmMelksham TownvCinderford Town
3pmMoneyfieldsvBarnstaple Town
3pmPaulton RoversvCirencester Town
3pmThatcham TownvBristol Manor Farm
3pmWilland RoversvLarkhall Athletic
3pmWinchester CityvSholing
Saturday 8th February 2020
3pmAFC TottonvBideford
3pmBarnstaple TownvPaulton Rovers
3pmBasingstoke TownvMangotsfield United
3pmBristol Manor FarmvHighworth Town
3pmCinderford TownvWinchester City
3pmCirencester TownvMoneyfields
3pmEvesham UnitedvMelksham Town
3pmLarkhall AthleticvThatcham Town
3pmSholingvWilland Rovers
3pmSlimbridgevFrome Town
Saturday 15th February 2020
3pmFrome TownvLarkhall Athletic
3pmHighworth TownvCinderford Town
3pmMangotsfield UnitedvCirencester Town
3pmMelksham TownvBasingstoke Town
3pmMoneyfieldsvBristol Manor Farm
3pmPaulton RoversvSlimbridge
3pmThatcham TownvAFC Totton
3pmWilland RoversvEvesham United
3pmWinchester CityvBarnstaple Town
Saturday 22nd February 2020
3pmAFC TottonvHighworth Town
3pmBarnstaple TownvThatcham Town
3pmBasingstoke TownvPaulton Rovers
3pmBristol Manor FarmvMelksham Town
3pmCinderford TownvMangotsfield United
3pmCirencester TownvWilland Rovers
3pmEvesham UnitedvBideford
3pmLarkhall AthleticvWinchester City
3pmSholingvFrome Town
Saturday 29th February 2020
3pmAFC TottonvCirencester Town
3pmBidefordvMangotsfield United
3pmBristol Manor FarmvCinderford Town
3pmFrome TownvBarnstaple Town
3pmHighworth TownvEvesham United
3pmLarkhall AthleticvSlimbridge
3pmSholingvMelksham Town
3pmThatcham TownvBasingstoke Town
3pmWilland RoversvPaulton Rovers
3pmWinchester CityvMoneyfields
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