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BetVictor Southern Premier Central – Fixtures and Results – August 2019

Fixtures/Results, August, 2019-2020

Saturday 10th August 2019
3pmBarwellvAFC Rushden & Diamonds
3pmBromsgrove SportingvBiggleswade Town
3pmHednesford TownvLowestoft Town
3pmHitchin TownvStourbridge
3pmLeistonvCoalville Town
3pmNuneaton BoroughvKings Langley
3pmPeterborough SportsvRushall Olympic
3pmRedditch UnitedvBanbury United
3pmRoyston TownvAlvechurch
3pmSt Ives TownvTamworth
3pmStratford TownvNeedham Market
Monday 12th August 2019
7.45pmStourbridgevStratford Town
Tuesday 13th August 2019
7.45pmAFC Rushden & DiamondsvLeiston
7.45pmBanbury UnitedvNuneaton Borough
7.45pmBiggleswade TownvRoyston Town
7.45pmCoalville TownvHednesford Town
7.45pmKings LangleyvPeterborough Sports
7.45pmLowestoft TownvSt Ives Town
7.45pmNeedham MarketvHitchin Town
7.45pmRushall OlympicvRedditch United
7.45pmTamworthvBromsgrove Sporting
Saturday 17th August 2019
3pmAFC Rushden & DiamondsvNuneaton Borough
3pmAlvechurchvHitchin Town
3pmBanbury UnitedvRoyston Town
3pmBiggleswade TownvSt Ives Town
3pmCoalville TownvBromsgrove Sporting
3pmKings LangleyvStratford Town
3pmLowestoft TownvBarwell
3pmNeedham MarketvRedditch United
3pmRushall OlympicvLeiston
3pmStourbridgevHednesford Town
3pmTamworthvPeterborough Sports
Saturday 24th August 2019
3pmBarwellvBiggleswade Town
3pmBromsgrove SportingvKings Langley
3pmHednesford TownvAlvechurch
3pmHitchin TownvRushall Olympic
3pmNuneaton BoroughvNeedham Market
3pmPeterborough SportsvBanbury United
3pmRedditch UnitedvLowestoft Town
3pmRoyston TownvCoalville Town
3pmSt Ives TownvStourbridge
3pmStratford TownvAFC Rushden & Diamonds
Monday 26th August 2019
3pmAFC Rushden & DiamondsvSt Ives Town
3pmAlvechurchvRedditch United
3pmBanbury UnitedvBarwell
3pmBiggleswade TownvPeterborough Sports
3pmCoalville TownvNuneaton Borough
3pmKings LangleyvHitchin Town
3pmLowestoft TownvRoyston Town
3pmNeedham MarketvLeiston
3pmRushall OlympicvStratford Town
3pmStourbridgevBromsgrove Sporting
3pmTamworthvHednesford Town
Saturday 31st August 2019
3pmBarwellvKings Langley
3pmBromsgrove SportingvBanbury United
3pmHednesford TownvNeedham Market
3pmHitchin TownvTamworth
3pmNuneaton BoroughvLowestoft Town
3pmPeterborough SportsvStourbridge
3pmRedditch UnitedvAFC Rushden & Diamonds
3pmRoyston TownvRushall Olympic
3pmSt Ives TownvCoalville Town
3pmStratford TownvBiggleswade Town
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