Walton Casuals

Fixtures and Results

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12/8Sat 12th AugAHythe TownBostik South(2)2-1(1)181Kelly, Dsane
15/8Tue 15th AugHChipsteadBostik South(3)4-0(0)78Kelly (2), Sarpong, Phillip-Ogbuogu
19/8Sat 19th AugHMoleseyFA Cup P(1)3-1(0)81Holness, Kelly
26/8Sat 26th AugHFaversham TownBostik South(3)4-3(1)44Coleman, Dsane, Hicks, Sarpong
28/8Mon 28th AugAMoleseyBostik South(1)2-1(0)116Holness, Charles (og)
2/9Sat 2nd SepAHerne BayFA Cup 1Q(0)1-3(1)192Dsane (pen)
5/9Tue 5th SepAVCD AthleticBostik South(0)2-3(2)65Holness, Battie
9/9Sat 9th SepHHorshamBostik South(1)1-1(0)296Sarpong
12/9Tue 12th SepHEast Grinstead TownBostik South(2)3-0(0)126Kelly, McCormack (2)
19/9Tue 19th SepHKingstonianVelocity Trophy 1(1)2-1(0)157Kelly (2, 1 pen)
23/9Sat 23rd SepHLewesBostik South(1)1-2(2)211Holness
26/9Tue 26th SepAGreenwich BoroughBostik South(3)3-3(1)102Hicks, Sarpong (2)
30/9Sat 30th SepHHastings UnitedBostik South(1)2-1(1)212Kelly (2)
3/10Tue 3rd OctAChipsteadBostik South(0)1-1(1)94Hicks
7/10Sat 7th OctHCanvey IslandFA Trophy P(1)3-0(0)196Kelly, Sarpong (2)
14/10Sat 14th OctAHerne BayBostik South(0)0-1(0)232 
17/10Tue 17th OctARamsgateBostik South(2)2-2(1)135McCormack, Hicks
21/10Sat 21st OctHHythe TownBostik South(1)2-2(1)170Kelly, Abukar
28/10Sat 28th OctAMaldon & TiptreeFA Trophy 1Q(0)0-3(2)105 
31/10Tue 31st OctHHorshamVelocity Trophy 2(0)1-3(0)70Kelly
4/11Sat 4th NovHThamesmead TownBostik South(0)0-0(0)107 
7/11Tue 7th NovAEast Grinstead TownBostik South(2)2-0(0)63Bamba, Sarpong
14/11Tue 14th NovHGreenwich BoroughBostik South(0)1-1(0)89Hustwick (pen)
18/11Sat 18th NovAPhoenix SportsBostik South(1)3-0(0)58Kelly, Sarpong, Bamba
21/11Tue 21st NovHHorshamVelocity Trophy 2(0)3-0(0)70McCormack, Coleman, Sarpong
25/11Sat 25th NovHWhyteleafeBostik South(1)4-2(0)102Coleman, Richardson-Brown, Kelly (2)
27/11Mon 27th NovACarshalton AthleticBostik South(1)1-2(0)266Coleman
2/12Sat 2nd DecASouth ParkBostik South(1)1-2(1)92Richardson-Brown
5/12Tue 5th DecHSittingbourneBostik South(0)3-0(0)85Sarpong (2), Olusanya
9/12Sat 9th DecHShorehamBostik South(3)3-1(0)92O'Niel (og), Hustwick (pen), Mills
16/12Sat 16th DecAGuernseyBostik South(3)3-1(1)627Bamba, McCormack, Sarpong
23/12Sat 23rd DecAFaversham TownBostik South(0)1-0(0)174Kelly
26/12Tue 26th DecHMoleseyBostik South(0)2-1(0)236Sarpong, Bamba (pen)
30/12Sat 30th DecHVCD AthleticBostik South(1)3-1(0)150Bamba, Kelly (2)
1/1Mon 1st JanACorinthian-CasualsBostik South(0)0-1(0)236 
7/1Sun 7th JanACray WanderersBostik South(0)2-2(1)222Bamba (2)
13/1Sat 13th JanHAshford UnitedBostik South(0)4-0(0)162Kelly (2), McCormack, Richardson-Brown
20/1Sat 20th JanHRamsgateBostik South(0)1-0(0)108Bamba
27/1Sat 27th JanALewesBostik South(0)1-1(0)648Kelly
3/2Sat 3rd FebHPhoenix SportsBostik South(2)3-1(0)157Bamba (2), McCormack
17/2Sat 17th FebHSouth ParkBostik South(1)2-1(0)171Bamba, Kelly
24/2Sat 24th FebAWhyteleafeBostik South(2)2-3(2)162Kelly, Sammoutis
6/3Tue 6th MarHGuernseyBostik South(0)2-2(2)112Sammoutis, Mills (pen)
13/3Tue 13th MarASittingbourneBostik South(0)2-0(0)75Mills (pen), Bamba
17/3Sat 17th MarAHastings UnitedBostik South(0)0-1(0)263 
24/3Sat 24th MarHHerne BayBostik South(3)7-0(0)162Kelly (3), Hicks, Bamba (2), Gorham (og)
31/3Sat 31st MarAHorshamBostik South(2)4-2(0)181Kelly, Bamba (2), Kelly
2/4Mon 2nd AprHCorinthian-CasualsBostik South(0)0-0(0)314 
7/4Sat 7th AprHCarshalton AthleticBostik South(0)0-1(1)286 
14/4Sat 14th AprAThamesmead TownBostik South(1)1-2(0)93Kelly
17/4Tue 17th AprAShorehamBostik South(1)2-0(0)54Bamba, Sammoutis
21/4Sat 21st AprHCray WanderersBostik South(4)5-2(2)186Kelly (4), Bamba
28/4Sat 28th AprAAshford UnitedBostik South(1)4-1(0)321Kelly (2), McCormack, Bamba
1/5Tue 1st MayACray WanderersBostik South P/O SF(1)5-2(2)446Hicks, Coleman, Baldwin, Kelly, Sammoutis
5/5Sat 5th MayACorinthian-CasualsBostik South P/O F(0)0-0(0)930 
Walton Casuals win 4-2 on penalties