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Woking – Calendar

You may subscribe to our calendar of Woking fixtures, which means that it will be updated for you as matches are arranged/rearranged throughout the season


You can't subscribe to the calendar directly on your device
Please follow the instructions for "Google Calendar" (belowright)
The calendar will then be visible in the Android calendar app automatically

Google Calendar

Ensure that the settings menu is open on the left
Click on next to Add calendar
Select From URL
Paste the address above into the URL of calendar box
Click on Add calendar

iPhone or iPad

Launch the Settings app
Tap on Passwords & Accounts
Tap on Add Account
Tap on Other
Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar
Paste the address above into the Server box
Tap the Next button
Tap the Save button

Microsoft Outlook

View your calendars
Select Add Calendar - From Internet
Paste the address above into the box
Click OK
Click Yes to add this internet calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates