Football Web Pages

Embed On Your Site

You are able to embed much of the content from FWP into your own site. All you need to do is copy two lines of HTML into your site's page where you want the content to appear, and the required content will then be loaded for you automatically.

For your information, once your document has finished loading, an iframe will be created and filled with the required content. These iframes are fully responsive, which means that they change what they display depending on how much space (width) is available to them.

Set these attributes (optional)

Copy / paste this code into your site's HTML

<div class="fwp-embed" data-match="458066" data-url="match"></div>
<script src="" defer></script>

Please note: if you are adding multiple embeds, you need only add the script tag once on each page

The result of the above code is shown here