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Welcome to our New Look

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for finding out a bit more about the changes that we've made to the site. It's been four years since we last changed things around, and there was plenty that we wanted to improve - and a few bits that we haven't got around to yet. Have a look below to see what's what.

New leagues
We've added 10 new leagues - all from Europe - and these can be found on the handy "Europe" menu item. At the time of writing (July 2019) some of them haven't even published their fixtures yet, so the pages are a bit barren, but once they start up you'll find the same service for these leagues as all of the other English/Scottish ones that we cover.

We're very proud to say that, following our coverage of the 2019 Women's World Cup, we're now able to cover the top four English leagues for women, and the main two cup competitions. We haven't yet found a reliable source for news for these teams though, so if you find one do let us know.

We've been going a long time now, and over that time we've stored a lot of data. Up until now it was very difficult to access, so we've built the new site with the archives in mind, and you'll notice that you can now easily access old fixtures/results, league tables and more by changing the "season" drop-down on various pages.

Site speed
We've also spent a great deal of time improving the speed of the site, especially for those of you visiting on a mobile device. We hope that you'll notice the difference.

Search for a team or competition
Up until now it was actually quite hard to find a team's page if you didn't know what league they were in, so we've added a search tool, which you'll find in the top menu. The other icon next to it gives you access to the vidiprinter.

Improved corrections
If you're one of the fab people who help us by entering data that we've missed, you'll love our new corrections page. As well as being able to correct the score/attendance of a match, you can now fill in goal info and line-ups for any match that we've missed.

What's next?
We're currently working on a new way for other sites to embed our content. We'll still support those sites using the old Javascript method, but look out for news of this new feature once it's ready.

We're also going to start work on a new version of our data feeds. Again, we'll still support the old ones as they're in use by loads of sites, but "version 2" of the feeds will give access to much more data, including our archives.

Last review of this document: July 2019 (GE)